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Head Injury

The Law Firm of Eddie Clark & Associates represents and protects people in Northern Louisiana and throughout the state who have suffered a head injury. If you have suffered a head injury as the result of someone else’s conduct or negligence, an experienced Louisiana injury attorney can help you obtain compensation for your injury and related medical expenses.

The Severity and Costs of a Head Injury

Closed Head Injuries (CHI) are usually the result of a trauma to the cranium. These injuries are distinct because they do not involve penetration of the skull.

Nonetheless, a CHI may severely damage:

Traumatic brain injuries have special damages associated with them, and anyone suffering potential brain injuries should review those unique circumstances.

Many individuals who have suffered a trauma to the head may have endured a concussion. A concussion is the temporary loss of brain function and occurs as the result of a jarring of the brain within the skull. The most common causes are car accidents, sports-related activity, falls, or violence.

It is important to seek immediate emergency care if after your concussion you experience repeated vomiting, seizures, or difficulty with mental function or coordination. If you experienced a concussion from athletic play, it is highly advisable to refrain from vigorous activity until you have been evaluated by a medical professional.

The cause of these injuries can be varied. Certain auto accidents involving commercial carriers or drunk drivers have additional factors to consider. Oftentimes, whiplash or trauma to the back may lead to dangerous spinal injuries.

Other Concerns Stemming From Head Injuries

Four of our five senses are located entirely above the neck. Damage or impairment to any of these senses may lead to special damages that look into future costs. Damage to ocular muscles or nerves will severely affect eyesight, and there may be a noticeable decline over time if not properly treated. A broken nose, permanent or semi-permanent scars to the face or head can be new unwelcome costs of your accident, requiring expensive cosmetic surgeries.

Children can often experience head injuries. If your child has suffered a head injury as a result of someone else’s conduct, a parent or guardian may be able to bring the suit on behalf of the child. The first priority is ensuring the child is properly treated. If you notice excessive irritability, radical mood changes, cognitive dissonance, loss of balance or coordination in your child after a head trauma, medical treatment should be sought immediately. These injuries are important to diagnose early and secure compensation due to the numerous possible long-term effects.

To recover for your injuries you will want a compassionate and determined attorney to go through the lengthy complicated process of a personal injury suit. The Law Firm of Eddie Clark & Associates can make home or hospital visits to accommodate your lifestyle during this time. We work hard to get you the compensation you need for treatment and rehabilitation. Costs associated with counseling, psychologist, or psychiatrist visits may be factored into your award dependent on their connection to the injury.

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-Ingrid Shaw

Eddie is a true professional he is very thorough and gets the job done he is truly underrated. One of Louisiana‘s very best.

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Eddie is my go to guy in this area. We have hit multiple million dollars cases. Do yourself a favor and go talk with him. Amazing grasp of how to prove a case.

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