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Hit and Run Accidents

Car accidents are disturbing and devastating occurrences, in their very essence. When you’re out of your vehicle and find out that the party liable for the harm has left the scene, things get worse still. A hit-and-run occurs whenever someone causes a car accident, and then intentionally fails to stop providing their contact information and insurance.

If you or your loved ones were involved in a Hit and Run accident, you can get in touch with our Personal Injury Lawyer in Louisiana experienced in handling Hit and Run cases.

Hit and Run Accidents in Louisiana

According to the Foundation for Traffic Safety, the number of hit-and-run accidents involving at least one fatality in Louisiana is on an annual average of 42-45 accident cases which shows an alarming number.

There might be a hit and run accident between two or one car and a bike or a pedestrian. Any physical contact is required for a hit and run; for example, if a car swings into another lane and causes another car to hit a light pole or a pedestrian. If the swerving car operator which caused the collision flees the scene then it is deemed a hit and run. Usually, a driver will flee the accident scene if he or she is intoxicated, nervous, or has a previous criminal record.

Louisiana Hit and Run Accident Laws

The Statute for the Louisiana Hit and Run accident can be found in La. R.S. 14:100. The statute states:

This offense can either be a felony or a misdemeanor. If the facts of the case support the accusation of death or grave injury, then the crime is a felony. The offense is a misdemeanor if there is no death or serious injury.

Hit and run driving is an intentional crime where a vehicle’s driver, involved in or causing an accident, fails to stop the vehicle at the accident scene to give its identity and render reasonable assistance. The intent needed for driving to hit and run is a general criminal intent. This means the driver must have known that he was involved in, or induced, accident and failed to provide assistance and to offer his identity.

Compensation in Hit and Run cases

The possibly recoverable damages and compensation in hit and run incidents in Louisiana includes medical costs incurred as a result of injuries suffered in the car accident, loss of earnings when it can be demonstrated by the medical evidence that the injuries suffered by the party were such that they could not be employed to the full.

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